Tools and Accessories

Only approved tooling can be used with the Auspex and DuoPEX systems.

Auspex Tools

Auspex Bend Stabilisers20201105075813
Auspex Crimp Ring Repair Tools20201104153847
Auspex Crimping Tools20210910141801
Auspex Gas Calibrators20210910144651
Auspex Gas Meter Tags20220708085522
Auspex Gauges20201105075137
Auspex Jaws20220707152119
RWC Silicone Burial Wraps20220630141019

DuoPEX Tools

DuoPEX Gas Calibrators20201111125822
DuoPEX Gas Meter Tags20201109153150
DuoPEX Mini Tool Jaws20201110080132
DuoPEX Mini Tool Spare Batteries20201110081539
RWC Silicone Burial Wraps20220630141019