About Us

Proudly Australian owned and made, Auspex presents a range of plumbing products, which save time, and eliminates waste and complications from any plumbing project.

A tradition of trust

After much planning and research, Auspex was formed in 1996 by Directors John Bines and Glenn Bines. A fully Australian owned company, Auspex has experienced remarkable growth in the relatively short time it’s been in operation.

Taking note of overseas trends in polymers and utilising many years of industry experience, Auspex began manufacturing cross-linked polyethylene pipe and a matching fitting system in DR brass. The system provided an Australian alternative to an ever-growing market for plastic pipes used to transport potable water.

A commitment to the plumber and a focus on the way they use the product under everyday conditions has helped to drive innovation and set new standards in the plumbing industry. Plumbers also receive excellent support through distributors, Reece Australia with information and assistance easily accessible.

Because Auspex’s manufacturing operation is based in Australia, it can respond very quickly to the needs of its customers. This enables Auspex to rapidly develop new fittings and special short runs to satisfy unusual situations or changing market demand.

The future is a very bright one for Auspex. The company is committed to remaining at the forefront of polyethylene pipe technology. New products and tooling are continually being developed for the existing system and the business is expanding into associated areas. It’s this forward focus that will see Auspex continue to grow for a long time to come.

From humble beginnings to global powerhouse

Rich heritage brought us to where we are today, and we are extremely proud of it. And like many of the world’s leading inventions, our origins come from humble beginnings. For us, it was 1949 Brisbane, Australia, where we set up a small tool shop. Fast-forward to today and we’re one of the fastest growing publicly traded industrial companies listed on Australia’s Securities Exchange.

RWC is a powerful family of brands with a reputation to match. Passing down over 70 years of innovation, we strive to shape a better world by continuously creating breakthrough products to make customers’ lives easier and more efficient.