DuoPEX Gas

DuoPEX Gas fittings are manufactured from dezincification resistance (DR) brass with a stainless steel crimp ring and joined to the pipe using a precision and specific crimping tool.

Threaded BSP Elbows (Male)20201109101304
45° Elbows20201109102421
Threaded BSP Tees (Male)20201109112534
Threaded BSP Tees (Female)20201109113646
Threaded BSP Elbows (Female)20201109115020
Lugged Elbows (Male)20201109120017
Lugged Elbows (Female)20201109121033
Lugged Elbows (Female) Two Way20201109121606
Brazing Tails20201109123833
Threaded BSP Adaptors (Male)20201109132308
Threaded BSP Adaptors (Female)20201109133353
Compression Adaptors20201109140502
End Caps20201109141913
Loose Nut Connector Elbows (Male)20201109144050
Loose Nut Connector Straight (Female)20201109145929
Gas Barrel Union Couplings20201109150502
DuoPEX Gas to B-Press Adaptors20201109151730
Gas Ball Valves20201109152719
Gas Meter Tags20201109153150
DuoPEX Jaws for Mini Tool20201110080132
Spare Battery for Mini Tool20201110081539