Auspex Radiant Wiring and Controls

Auspex Radiant’s wiring centre controls the manifold which turns the boiler on, which sends heat to the required room.

Wiring and Controls

Auspex Radiant’s Underfloor Heating system is controlled by the programmable room thermostat which communicates with the system boiler and manifold circulating pump to ensure optimal efficiency and comfort.

The thermostat interprets the room temperature, and following a pre-set program, operates the system to ensure a constant comfortable environment in the home. The program can be modified to adapt to the living patterns of the occupants, which improves system efficiency and lowers running costs.

Wiring Diagrams

Being a 240V system, all wiring must be done by a qualified electrician. All local and relevant regulations must be strictly adhered to over the following two examples.

Single manifold system
Two or more manifold system with common boiler

Programmable Room Thermostat

Auspex Radiant’s Underfloor Heating Kit includes a programmable room thermostat that is supplied pre-set with a timed daily program, one for weekdays and one for weekends, that includes set-back temperatures overnight and when the home is unoccupied. Using set-back temperatures improves comfort during the night when the occupants are sleeping and lower temperatures are preferred, and decreases the running costs of the system. The pre-set time and temperature settings listed below can be easily re-programmed by the installer or homeowner if desired.

Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
Event Time Temperature
1 6:30am 20ºC
2 8:30am 15ºC
3 4:30pm 21ºC
4 10:30pm 15ºC
Weekends (Saturday to Sunday)
Event Time Temperature
1 7:30am 20ºC
2 9:30am 20ºC
3 4:30pm 21ºC
4 10:30pm 15ºC

Multiple Zone Control

Auspex Radiant’s Underfloor Heating Kit is supplied as a single zone control system. Via the wiring centre, one thermostat activates the boiler and the circulating pump at the manifold when more heat is required.

The system is also adaptable to multiple zone control, where one room or a group of rooms can operate on separate temperature controls. Actuators, which are available as an accessory, can be added to the return manifold by removing the white cap circuit isolating valves and fitting actuators in their place. These actuators can then be wired through to separate thermostats via a wiring box, either one or several actuators per thermostat. Each thermostat then activates the boiler and circulating pump, and opens the associated actuators, to supply heat to that zone.

Touch Screen Thermostat

Being a 240V system, all wiring must be done by a qualified electrician.

Technical information for the Touch Screen Thermostat is available in the Downloads tab.