Duopex Gas

The Duopex Gas pipe and fitting system is designed to make every job quick and easy. It provides a revolutionary alternative for the professional plumber and gas fitter.

Advantages of the
Duopex Gas

  1. Impermeability to oxygen and gases in general.
  2. Form stability during installation, for an example in a curve.
  3. Low thermal conductivity level.
  4. Light weight during transport and installation.
  5. Thermal expansion is lower than that of other tubes.
  6. Very good behaviour in the presence of fire thanks to the metal layer and low steam emission during combustion.
  7. Lower pressure loss thanks to the smooth inner layer.

The DUOPEX GAS pipe and fitting system is designed as a consumer system for gas installations in accordance with Table 3.1 of Australian Standard (Gas Installations) AS 5601—2004.

All the limiting conditions and the requirements of AS 5601 particularly Sections 3 Materials and Components, Section 4 Installing Consumer Piping, Section 5 Installing Appliances and this publication should be strictly adhered to.