DuoPEX Water Fittings

DuoPEX Water fittings are manufactured from dezincification resistance (DR) brass with a stainless steel crimp ring and joined to the pipe using a specific precision crimping tool.

Conversion Couplings20201110110427
Threaded BSP Tees (Male)20201110115543
Threaded BSP Tees (Female)20201110120556
45° Elbows20201110121752
Threaded BSP Elbows (Female)20201110132504
Threaded BSP Elbows (Male)20201110133143
Threaded BSP Adaptors (Male)20201110133934
Threaded BSP Adaptors (Female)20201110135035
DuoPEX Water To B-Press Adaptors20201110140129
End Caps20201110140613
Loose Nut and Tails (Female)20201110141051
Chrome Copper Tail Adaptor20201110141650
Brazing Tails (Female)20201110144142
DuoPEX Jaws for Mini Tool20201110144753
Spare Battery for Mini Tool20201110145327