Auspex Gas

The Auspex Gas pipe and fitting system is a revolutionary alternative for the professional plumber and gasfitter that makes any job quicker and easier.

Only available in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, up to and including 25mm. Only a battery tool (Rothenberger Romax 3000/4000, Compact TT or Auspex Mini Tool) with the yellow 32mm Jaw can be used for 32mm Auspex Gas and Water systems.

Most Auspex fittings are suitable for use with Auspex Gas pipe and respective systems, other than non-gas applicable fittings, like shower breeches and B-Press water adaptors. As a running change in the future, we are introducing the range of coloured caps:

  • Black for Universal Fittings
  • Yellow for Gas Fittings ONLY
  • Blue for Water Fittings ONLY

Refer to the Auspex Fittings Product Guide, where these coloured caps will be categorised, when it becomes available.

No, each pipe is specially made for each application. Auspex Gas applications must use the Auspex multi-layer pipe with has an outside PEX yellow jacket and an inner black PEX layer.

The Auspex Gas multi-layer pipe is made from Cross-linked Polyethylene outside jacket, a middle layer of aluminium and a Cross-linked Polyethylene inner layer known as PEX-AL-PEX.

Only an approved multi-layer pipe cutter or ratchet pipe sheer should be used to cut Auspex Gas pipe.

Yes, the Auspex multi-layer pipe must be calibrated using the approved Auspex Calibrating tool to remove any burrs and re-round the pipe.

No, certification is not required to purchase Auspex Gas. However, some states and territories require certification from the manufacturer to complete gas installations. Plumbers are advised to check with their local gas authorities for more information.

Auspex does offer a certification course that we recommend plumbers complete, regardless of their respective state-based requirements. This ensures plumbers develop a good understanding of the system.

Refer to the Auspex Gas Certification section for more information.

No, Auspex Gas is not UV stable and needs to be protected against UV exposure as per AS/NZS 5601.

Auspex Gas pipes must be sized according to each specific job requirement. As the internal diameter of multi-layer pipes available often vary within the plumbing industry, it is critical that the Auspex Gas pipe sizing tables are be used.

Refer to the Sizing Tables section for more information.

No, as the material used to make the O-Ring is not certified for gas use. However, there is a PTFE (white nylon) new edition of that fitting that is compliant.

Refer to the Auspex Fittings Product Guide when it becomes available.

Auspex has a 10 year system warranty plus an additional 15 year product warranty for pipe and fittings, replacement only. Refer to the Auspex Warranty Section.

Yes, plastic clips are recommended only for both Auspex Gas and Auspex Water systems as the outside pipe dimension is the same 16mm to 32mm.

Note: Metal or even nylon coated must NOT be used on multi-layer or PEX systems.

Yes, however fittings should be protected by using RWC silicone wrap. This will help provide the best long-term performance. Care should be taken in contaminated soils. In such cases pipes and fittings must be protected.

There are no adaptors to any multi-layer pipe. Connections can be made using threaded fittings or adapting back to copper. Mixing and matching systems will void warranty.

Yes, a range of adaptors are available for copper to Auspex Gas pipe connection. These include B-Press, brazing tails and compression flare adapters, in addition to using two mating threads.

Reversion fittings are required on all jobs longer than 10m in length and connected to more than one appliance. These can either be in the form of a Auspex Gas barrel union or a 300mm length of copper as per AS/NZS 5601.