About Auspex

Warranty in addition to Australian Consumer Law

in relation to AUSPEX and DUOPEX products sold in Australia

What does this warranty cover?

Subject to conditions outlined in this statement, Reliance Worldwide Corporation (Aust.) Pty Ltd (RWC) whose business address is

27-28 Chapman Place, Eagle Farm Qld 4009 warrants to consumers who purchase plumbing products from suppliers of genuine AUSPEX and DUOPEX products in Australia, for the purpose of installation of product when used and installed in accordance with the requirements set forth, shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the applicable Warranty Period. 

Download the RWC Products Warranty:

For further questions or enquiries, contact RWC customer service by calling 03 9770 3600, or email salesauspex@rmc.com.au.