Streamline your
fire system install
with Auspex Fire

The new Auspex Fire pipe and fitting system offers a cost effective range of specialised sprinkler and B-Press connections, and unique PN20 PEX Pipe. Feel secure working with the complete range of Auspex fittings with over 25 years in the Australian plumbing industry. 


Now use your Auspex fittings with fire systems

Introducing Auspex Fire –

From 2019, legislation now requires all residential buildings 4 stories or more to be sprinkler protected. The National Construction Code offers significant reliability and cost saving advantages by referencing the new FPAA101D PEX pipe sprinkler system, which permits sprinklers to be plumbed off the already required domestic riser.

The PEX pipe “101D” system is by far the most cost-effective option for installers and developers of these residential buildings. This eliminates the need to provide dedicated sprinkler and hydrant service tappings, fire pumps and alarm equipment. Utilising drinking water supplied by a WaterMark approved piping system significantly reduces backflow hazards to the community and now effectively eliminates the possibility of sprinkler systems being inadvertently shut off.

The Auspex system was used for tests conducted by CSIRO for the Fire Authorities at the very beginning of the development of the new FPAA101D system. Since then, Auspex has continued to work on developing a suite of dedicated piping and fixing arrangements specifically for sprinkler head fit off, in all relevant pipe diameters. This ensures installers have the easiest and fastest means of fitting off sprinklers in the wall or ceiling that is compliant with the relevant Codes and Standards.