Auspex Crimp

The Auspex Crimp System made for both cold and hot water applications, has revolutionised pipe fitting with its cut, fit, crimp, done process.

Advantages of Auspex Crimp

  1. Simple and quick installation.
  2. Neat, compact fittings.
  3. No brazing, soldering or lagging unless required by A.S.3500 (eg. When rendered into wall chases etc.)
  4. The AUSPEX CRIMP system can be easily dismantled without damage to the fitting body.

The crimp system comprises PE-X pipe, DR Brass fittings, copper crimp rings and a specially engineered jointing tool, ensuring that all your jobs are quick, hassle free, cost effective and of the highest quality. The fittings are manufactured and tested to conform with the performance requirements of AS 2537.

Auspex Crimp are constantly working to improve the system to make it as plumber-friendly as possible.